Below is a long and selective, but far from being exhaustive, list of nice jingling English .LY sites.

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Al.ly: long URLs are now your friends

Anonymous.ly: record label for anonymous tracks

Art.ly: forwards to azaramedia.com

Artistical.ly: art news



Bank.ly: free Libyan business directory

Bb.ly: Bubb.ly TV

Bit.ly: a simple URL shortener

Biz.ly: free domain and web hosting plus site builder

Book.ly: find the textbooks you need at the lowest prices

Brief.ly: link shortener + multiple link consolidator

Bright.ly: the converging experience


Car.ly: personal blog of Carly Geehr of Institute of Design at Stanford

Card.ly: online business cards

Chart.ly: share stock charts on twitter

Coo.ly: online tool for converting really long website addresses (URLs) into short ones

Create.ly: forward to creately.com - create and collaborate on online diagrams


Dai.ly: URL shortener of Dailymotion

Dear.ly: site hosting blogs of Ferris and Siowping and the photo journal of their son

Digital.ly: forwards to digitalfcs.net (part of Digital Computer Services, digitalgroup.ly)

Documental.ly: personal blog of Christian Payne


Fami.ly: support our families - practice family values


Firef.ly: firefly chats

Fluent.ly: a project by 16watts

Forex.ly: forex resources and information

Friend.ly: Facebook application cool.ly statistics on your friends


Gel.ly: one page websites

Gol.ly: shorten my URL

Good.ly: shorten an URL and help charities

Goog.ly: black screen Google search


Hack.ly: what not to do in every programming language

Ht.ly: shrink URLs and get statistics (same as ow.ly)


Img.ly: photo sharing service for twitter

Ita.ly: the directory about Italy

Iterat.ive.ly: caffeine. music. code. photography.


Jimmy.Ly: Jimmy Ly | concept artist | portfolio


Kel.ly: home of the Kel.lys


Lawyer.ly: Suit Services, LLC

Legal.ly: a legal site

Li.ly: Lily's blog

Literal.ly: megabytes

Love.ly: AMIGO ホームページ

Lu.ly Facebook & Twitter updates embedded in your browser


Mad.ly: rails, jquery, flash, etc

Map.ly: collaborative mapping & directions

Me.ly: eu.ki - kostenlose domains

Mitt.ly: Stand with Mitt | Mitt Romney - Free and Strong America PAC


Name.ly: consolidate all your online profiles with impressive URLs

New.ly: newly discovered


Ow.ly: shrink URLs and get statistics (same as ht.ly)


Page.ly: WordPress hosting

Paper.ly: mirror of paper.li service

Pix.ly: compare and rate photos from flickr

Pop.ly: forwards to popurls.com

Post.ly: short URL service of posterous.com

Present.ly: microblogging platform

Profi.ly: consolidating your social identities


Real.ly: mybe you are really to good

Ref.ly: transform Bible verses into short links

Rep.ly: forwards to ReTwt.me service

Ru.ly: shorten unruly links


Save.ly: quick.ly combine coupons and cash back rewards to save more* at thousands of stores (* save an average 10% more over coupon sites)

Seed.ly: plant a little seed. let it grow. harvest insight.

Shop.ly: cafepress store

Sincere.ly: Sincere.ly/yours blogging and profile consolidation


Song.ly: share & discover music on Twitter

Sparse.ly: Search & trends for your Twitter lists and friends (former.ly known as flocking.me)

Star.ly: Star telecom company

Student.ly: Libya student service

Swir.ly: Swirlyarts


Text.ly: your text delivered to your friend's mobile instantly


Tie.ly: a classical URL shortener

To.ly: shrink your URL

Twit.ly: search engine marketing


Ug.ly: yanoblog - the ug.ly edition by Jason Yanowitz

Useful.ly: a collection of thoughts and ramblings on UX and usability


Warm.ly: a dolphin smart community

Wild.ly: the wildcard, a blog by Glenda Bautista

Ws.ly: web-site.ly - free weblogs


Y.ly: totally short links


Please feel free to comment to suggest more names.

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