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.LI vs .LY

As just posted by one of our readers, .li domain names (those of Lichtenstein) stand little chances in branding when comparing to .ly. Larysa did put it nicely in one sentence: While, in English, there are about 8,000+ words ending with “ly” (we daily use only 800 words) – there is hardly any brandable word […]

.Ly web traffic report by HootSuite

HootSuite has compiled a handy diagram on .Ly traffic We’ve mapped out the relationship between the Libyan domain name servers and the rest of the Internet in an infographic to help clear up any confusion about how data travels from servers to your screen.

Alexa top one million

Have you ever wondered how many “ly” domain names are their in Alexa top one million? At the moment 3379, slightly more than a third of a percent. Many of them are already deploying jingly and short .ly versions. Many are missing out. In the full list below we found 160 “weekly” phrases, and yet, […] is also

Some people indeed, misspell .ly as .li, so it is worth to mention such jingles too. missed so they decided to go with and And yet, works just fine too: