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Naturally (ABB)

Although ABB brand is indisputable in the industry, yet its brand managers realise that it says little to random consumers. Thus, instead of a conventional tag line, the biggest message is embedded in one word: “Naturally”.

All popular .ly

An everyday dictionary of an average Englishman is just about 800 words. Unbelievable, but a fact. When building brands, good marketeers pay attention to what rings bells, focusing on top 3000 words. Among those 3000 top English words, we found 73 ending with “ly” and tried to analyse how they will map on .ly […]

I will think

New campaign of Rotterdam School of Management “I WILL” is bringing many alumni together with their one page story. Below goes a good one by Lorenzo de Rita “I WILL INSPIRE “with “DANGEROUSLY” message:

Saїd – prepare to see things differently

Said Business School (University of Oxford), one of the leading British management schools, emphasises on seeing things “differently”:


Old good still enjoys quite few visitors. Their jingle “It’s FUN! It’s FREE! It’s FUGLY! – funny videos, flash games, clean jokes, hilarious movies, funny pics, office jokes, free prizes, horrible horoscopes, hysterical chat pranks, chat scripts and much more!” is a bit too long, but self-explanatory indeed. The site is popular for various […]