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When LY suffix meets LY prefix

Our “.ME of course!” blog has featured an interesting research on prefixes and suffixes. For your review go 34 popular “ly” related keywords: Global # Keyword PRE vs SUF PRE # SUF # 111 daily… prefix 43 200 …ly suffix 118 376 simply… prefix 161 380 …daily suffix 218 420 fly… prefix 177 439 …fly […]

L.LY and LL.LY

So many domain name are out of there. What are the most shortest and most popular though? Alexa lists 26 of them, five L.LY  and 21 LL.LY:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and […]

The case of

Violet Blue has lost its domain for the reason. Actually for few of them. Although they now cry about the domain name taken from them, they missed it couple of times. First of all, Violet Blue is an adult site. It is clear to every .ly player that .ly registry does not allow any […]

Alexa top one million

Have you ever wondered how many “ly” domain names are their in Alexa top one million? At the moment 3379, slightly more than a third of a percent. Many of them are already deploying jingly and short .ly versions. Many are missing out. In the full list below we found 160 “weekly” phrases, and yet, […]

Naturally (ABB)

Although ABB brand is indisputable in the industry, yet its brand managers realise that it says little to random consumers. Thus, instead of a conventional tag line, the biggest message is embedded in one word: “Naturally”.