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With 50 million “surely” hits on Google – this must be a jingle (e.g., compare it with “bitly”, which scores only a quarter of a million). YouTube alone provides tonnes of “surely” videos. A movie called “Surely You’ll Insure” was shot back in 1915! In 2010 Japanese Kadokawa Pictures came out with another […]

O’Reilly is now

O’Reilly Media, known as O’Reilly & Associates, an American media company specialising in technology books, conferences, courses, news, etcetera, head-quartered in Sebastopol, California, with numerous international offices in China, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, and United Kingdom, has acquired domain name from Libyan Spider, for internal URL shortening services based on pro platform.

299 million hits on Google cannot go wrong, can they? Let us talk Hollywood will probably give you the best answer, with ranked Grey’s Anatomy series:

Dailymotion is now

Libyan Spider, LLC has just sold short and jingling domain name to Dailymotion, a popular video sharing web portal. Dailymotion is not [yet] YouTube, but being in Alexa top 100 already for a while, it is poised to progress in the right direction. It is #13 in France and is in Alexa top […]