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McLelland has multiple chees brands under its Seriously® portfolio:

299 million hits on Google cannot go wrong, can they? Let us talk Hollywood will probably give you the best answer, with ranked Grey’s Anatomy series:

Seriously enhance your career prospects

Durham Business School, that also goes under a jingle “makers of business leaders” promises to seriously enhance your career prospects.

When in Amsterdam – take risks – seriously

Another advertisement campaign with a serious word over the banner: “seriously”. Unlike the previous one of British Elephant insurance, Dutch guys at Amsterdam Institute of Finance have better perception of the niche targeting.

Elephant – seriously good car insurance

One cannot miss a funny picture of the elephant all over London, on the local bus services, in the tube – is advertised everywhere. From the marketing point of view, one can only add that with a substantial advertising budget, anyone can turn a mediocre name into a brand. But is the elephant […]