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LY prices

There were many bits and tips on .LY prices jotted on this blog, however we never had a post so far with some nice overview of most prominent .LY sales. A bit of market background. There are about 18,000 words in English language ending with “ly”. However only few hundred are really premium like […]

HSBC – wisely

HSBC bank is using “wisely” twice in their new jingle line: “You bank wisely. Are you investing wisely, too?”

TIME – locally sourced – globally relevant

Some dose of adrenaline on the streets of Tripoli

As you are probably aware of, there is heavy fighting going on the streets of the Libyan capital Tripoli right now. As of today there is no telephone connection with the city. By a silly joke, Ali Monder, an alleged fighter, has replaced only one file on the official web page of the web […]


Weekly is not too often and is not too seldom either. It suits many people well, especially those who hate the daily routine. No wonder jingles are so popular. Among the know sites, the following are already developed: