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Comfortably yours and easily your by Bar Refaeli

This Christmas, a famous Israeli model Bar Refaeli does not stop. She is well-known for using smart and modern marketing jingles, one of them now being “comfortably yours”:

When LY suffix meets LY prefix

Our “.ME of course!” blog has featured an interesting research on prefixes and suffixes. For your review go 34 popular “ly” related keywords: Global # Keyword PRE vs SUF PRE # SUF # 111 daily… prefix 43 200 …ly suffix 118 376 simply… prefix 161 380 …daily suffix 218 420 fly… prefix 177 439 …fly […]

TIME – locally sourced – globally relevant

Other *ly sites are popular as well, all adding to .ly  popularity. is now live on Sedo @ US$12k:

Alexa top one million

Have you ever wondered how many “ly” domain names are their in Alexa top one million? At the moment 3379, slightly more than a third of a percent. Many of them are already deploying jingly and short .ly versions. Many are missing out. In the full list below we found 160 “weekly” phrases, and yet, […]