240 ultra premium .LY names to go in one lot via Flippa

LibyanSpider in cooperation with Hack.ly is auctioning 240 premium .LY domain names via Flippa. This is a rare, if not once in a lifetime, opportunity to acquire an impressive portfolio of .LY jingles, including:

basical.ly, careful.ly, cheerful.ly, commercial.ly, confident.ly, cultural.ly, curious.ly, different.ly, effective.ly, efficient.ly, endless.ly, equal.ly, especial.ly, essential.ly, eternal.ly, fortunate.ly, free.ly, global.ly, immediate.ly, important.ly, international.ly, manual.ly, month.ly, national.ly, official.ly, original.ly, perfect.ly, plain.ly, political.ly, popular.ly, positive.ly, practical.ly, private.ly, professional.ly, public.ly, quarter.ly, random.ly, rapid.ly, recent.ly, regular.ly, relative.ly, right.ly, royal.ly, selective.ly, semantic.ly, silent.ly, slight.ly, social.ly, soft.ly, special.ly, specifical.ly, successful.ly, supp.ly, swift.ly, typical.ly, unique.ly, universal.ly, usual.ly, wide.ly, year.ly, ...


Comfortably yours and easily your by Bar Refaeli

This Christmas, a famous Israeli model Bar Refaeli does not stop. She is well-known for using smart and modern marketing jingles, one of them now being "comfortably yours":

Comfortably yours special gift box by Bar Refaeli


Crete – Surprisingly Yours

Official tourism agency of the Region of Crete decided to go by theme "Surprisingly yours" created by Teo Papadoulakis.


.LY Portfolio @ SEDO

This blog used to run a separate page on .LY listings on Sedo. As Sedo has change the link structure, and to give a better overview, we decided to close down the section and post the highlights time-to-time via the posts.

We found only 25 names with more than one bid, namely:

real.ly, week.ly, instant.ly, quick.ly, cheap.ly, serious.ly, ro.ly, apparent.ly, ideal.ly, sincere.ly, ship.ly, sync.ly, frequent.ly, name.ly, new.ly, v.ly, 2.ly, brief.ly, cast.ly, clear.ly, main.ly, organical.ly, pure.ly, sure.ly, and wise.ly


When LY suffix meets LY prefix

Our ".ME of course!" blog has featured an interesting research on prefixes and suffixes.

For your review go 34 popular "ly" related keywords:

Global # Keyword PRE vs SUF PRE # SUF #
111 daily... prefix 43
200 ...ly suffix 118
376 simply... prefix 161
380 ...daily suffix 218
420 fly... prefix 177
439 ...fly suffix 253
464 family... prefix 202
611 ...family suffix 337
706 only... prefix 317
732 ...supply suffix 402
1284 poly... prefix 627
1353 hollywood... prefix 670
1589 ...analytics suffix 809
1641 ...only suffix 840
2001 thedaily... prefix 1005
2076 holy... prefix 1045
2125 ...weekly suffix 1058
2246 friendly... prefix 1134
2417 flying... prefix 1220
2571 philly... prefix 1310
2768 ...analysis suffix 1354
3051 brooklyn... prefix 1561
3151 ...italy suffix 1543
3361 weekly... prefix 1711
3710 lovely... prefix 1905
3881 supply... prefix 2000
4034 italy... prefix 2091
4188 ...lynx suffix 2016
4446 ...flyer suffix 2120
4710 ...ally suffix 2236
4752 ly... prefix 2498
4755 totally... prefix 2500
4807 early... prefix 2526
4918 ...friendly suffix 2326