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Instantly by HSBC

In the modern world, don’t we just love it when things are done We all must agree – we hate to wait – this is the biggest change of a human being of the 21st century. It was okay to sit and wait for months for a letter to arrive and contemplate about news […]


Featured in July this year on TechCrunch, Brizzly is a simple way to experience the social web, a promised Twitter Reader from the same people who developed Google Reader. They say, it is coming soon from Thing Labs. Twitter is a phenomenon indeed, which Europeans still do not fully understand. It gave birth do […]

Banking Wisely

Garanti Bank seems to always have good ads in The Economist paper. Now they came up with “Bankingwise…” jingle: Considering that is taken since 2002, a wise choice would be to use, and focus on maybe?

Libyan Spider Network discounts

Libyan Spider Network has come up with a discount scheme, allowing long-term buyers to pay as littler as $50.oo USD per annum. Renewal fees are as follows: 1 Year @ US$75.00 2 Years @ US$145.00 3 Years @ US$210.00 4 Years @ US$270.00 5 Years @ US$325.00 6 Years @ US$375.00 7 Years @ US$420.00 […]