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Sincerely yours

Ever wondered what would be the shortest and most elegant way to say “sincerely yours” or “yours sincerely”? Of course it is with two extensions: Certainly allowing for free accounts and many handy features for bloggers and social media fans.

Let us introduce you to the new social media network With a jingly “Be a Social Media Genius” they have paved a good way into the digital world indeed.

Does “qwerty” sound like a familiar phrase? How about then? Meet a new service from Niederhofer Limited.

Ever heard of “i***” brands? They are coming to .ly too. is the first one to appear on our radar screens. If you spot any others, let us know in the comments.

IKEA – family friendly

We have seen pretty many “ly” jingles on this blog. But here goes a double one, fresh from London Edmonton “IKEA – family friendly”: