240 ultra premium .LY names to go in one lot via Flippa

LibyanSpider in cooperation with Hack.ly is auctioning 240 premium .LY domain names via Flippa. This is a rare, if not once in a lifetime, opportunity to acquire an impressive portfolio of .LY jingles, including:

basical.ly, careful.ly, cheerful.ly, commercial.ly, confident.ly, cultural.ly, curious.ly, different.ly, effective.ly, efficient.ly, endless.ly, equal.ly, especial.ly, essential.ly, eternal.ly, fortunate.ly, free.ly, global.ly, immediate.ly, important.ly, international.ly, manual.ly, month.ly, national.ly, official.ly, original.ly, perfect.ly, plain.ly, political.ly, popular.ly, positive.ly, practical.ly, private.ly, professional.ly, public.ly, quarter.ly, random.ly, rapid.ly, recent.ly, regular.ly, relative.ly, right.ly, royal.ly, selective.ly, semantic.ly, silent.ly, slight.ly, social.ly, soft.ly, special.ly, specifical.ly, successful.ly, supp.ly, swift.ly, typical.ly, unique.ly, universal.ly, usual.ly, wide.ly, year.ly, ...

To be reminded is that a while ago, local.ly alone sold for $100k and instant.ly for $32k by Libyan Spider and Brands-and-Jingles respectively.

The package also includes a number of short L.LY and LL.LY names impossible to register these days. It also includes established registries such as ent.ly and ous.ly both reselling subdomain and email domain hacks via Name.ly.

The full list of of all 240 names to go in one lot are as follows (in alphabetical order):

academic.ly, accurate.ly, advertising.ly, ae.ly, agencies.ly, amazing.ly, annual.ly, answer.ly, apartment.ly, arabic.ly, arts.ly, ask.ly, aware.ly, awareness.ly, bank.ly, basical.ly, beaware.ly, black.ly, blog.ly, blogs.ly, bm.ly, bookmark.ly, books.ly, building.ly, campaign.ly, career.ly, careful.ly, careless.ly, cd.ly, cheerful.ly, cinema.ly, cinemaly.com, civil.ly, ck.ly, commercial.ly, common.ly, comparative.ly, confident.ly, content.ly, critical.ly, cudd.ly, cultural.ly, curious.ly, custom.ly, cute.ly, cv.ly, defiant.ly, designer.ly, designers.ly, different.ly, distinct.ly, dj.ly, do.ly, docs.ly, docsly.com, domain.ly, dr.ly, ebooking.ly, ed.ly, education.ly, educationly.com, ee.ly, effective.ly, efficient.ly, elearning.ly, emarketing.ly, emotional.ly, endless.ly, ent.ly, equal.ly, erp.ly, especial.ly, essential.ly, eternal.ly, events.ly, express.ly, external.ly, fast.ly, feed.ly, feedback.ly, fine.ly, firm.ly, flowers.ly, fm.ly, formal.ly, fortunate.ly, free.ly, fund.ly, ga.ly, ge.ly, general.ly, geographical.ly, global.ly, gm.ly, graph.ly, graphical.ly, guide.ly, historical.ly, home.ly, hotels.ly, ic.ly, idea.ly, illegal.ly, immediate.ly, impact.ly, important.ly, impossib.ly, incredib.ly, independent.ly, index.ly, individual.ly, intellectual.ly, international.ly, investing.ly, investment.ly, is.ly, ja.ly, jaly.com, ka.ly, ki.ly, kidz.ly, knowledgebase.ly, ku.ly, lawyer.ly, lc.ly, localhost.ly, logo.ly, logos.ly, lucid.ly, manual.ly, maps.ly, marketing.ly, media.ly, month.ly, mp.ly, multip.ly, music.ly, national.ly, ne.ly, neat.ly, necessari.ly, newspaper.ly, ni.ly, night.ly, oc.ly, of.ly, official.ly, original.ly, ous.ly, perfect.ly, pk.ly, plain.ly, political.ly, popular.ly, positive.ly, possib.ly, practical.ly, primari.ly, private.ly, probab.ly, professional.ly, profile.ly, profilely.com, public.ly, quarter.ly, questionnaire.ly, radio.ly, radioly.com, random.ly, rapid.ly, real-estate.ly, reasonab.ly, recent.ly, regular.ly, relative.ly, remarkab.ly, resort.ly, resortly.com, resorts.ly, right.ly, royal.ly, schools.ly, scrub.ly, search.ly, security.ly, selective.ly, semantic.ly, service.ly, silent.ly, skilful.ly, slight.ly, social.ly, soft.ly, sole.ly, special.ly, specifical.ly, standard.ly, start.ly, statistic.ly, statistical.ly, stonef.ly, successful.ly, sudden.ly, suggest.ly, suggestly.com, supp.ly, support.ly, survey.ly, surveyly.com, swift.ly, t.ly, ta.ly, talent.ly, tel.ly, television.ly, temporari.ly, tourism.ly, tourismly.com, training.ly, translate.ly, translation.ly, tripo.ly, tu.ly, ty.ly, typical.ly, uc.ly, ul.ly, unique.ly, universal.ly, universities.ly, usual.ly, ve.ly, visit.ly, vivid.ly, voteear.ly, weather.ly, wide.ly, ye.ly, year.ly, and yf.ly

Short link: http://name.ly/~bPHF$D1

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