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240 ultra premium .LY names to go in one lot via Flippa

LibyanSpider in cooperation with is auctioning 240 premium .LY domain names via Flippa. This is a rare, if not once in a lifetime, opportunity to acquire an impressive portfolio of .LY jingles, including:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, […]

Crete – Surprisingly Yours

Official tourism agency of the Region of Crete decided to go by theme “Surprisingly yours” created by Teo Papadoulakis.

.LY Portfolio @ SEDO

This blog used to run a separate page on .LY listings on Sedo. As Sedo has change the link structure, and to give a better overview, we decided to close down the section and post the highlights time-to-time via the posts. We found only 25 names with more than one bid, namely:,,, […]

When LY suffix meets LY prefix

Our “.ME of course!” blog has featured an interesting research on prefixes and suffixes. For your review go 34 popular “ly” related keywords: Global # Keyword PRE vs SUF PRE # SUF # 111 daily… prefix 43 200 …ly suffix 118 376 simply… prefix 161 380 …daily suffix 218 420 fly… prefix 177 439 …fly […]

Known LLLY.COM sales

It is not indicative, but for the record, below go known prices for four-letter .com names ending with “ly”.