500 of dropped .ly

Bad news turn into good news. It is the fact of [domain] life - 70% of domains drop every year. Most of those 30% are bad ones, given the second thought would never be registered, ever. Yet below goes the list of some 500 interesting .ly names worth looking into.
The list is sorted first by the length (climbing from 2 to 21), then alphabetical.ly:

jj.ly, drp.ly, hur.ly, jiz.ly, kid.ly, nam.ly, nxt.ly, rea.ly, twd.ly, acer.ly, adib.ly, asmb.ly, aust.ly, base.ly, bayt.ly, beer.ly, bell.ly, bidf.ly, bids.ly, bigs.ly, bigu.ly, biit.ly, bitd.ly, bitl.ly, bitt.ly, blob.ly, body.ly, brew.ly, brzz.ly, burb.ly, clen.ly, cold.ly, cork.ly, csis.ly, curb.ly, curl.ly, dagg.ly, dden.ly, deez.ly, deux.ly, dice.ly, doot.ly, drag.ly, dube.ly, ekin.ly, espn.ly, fart.ly, fbck.ly, font.ly, frnd.ly, fuse.ly, gamb.ly, gncp.ly, gong.ly, grai.ly, grok.ly, grop.ly, hark.ly, hart.ly, haus.ly, here.ly, hoot.ly, hort.ly, hubb.ly, ibuy.ly, iend.ly, ious.ly, jimi.ly, jist.ly, jmcn.ly, jumb.ly, keen.ly, keep.ly, kite.ly, kitt.ly, klen.ly, lair.ly, lazi.ly, lean.ly, loka.ly, mbit.ly, mimm.ly, mint.ly, mnth.ly, move.ly, mudd.ly, nabr.ly, nurv.ly, ordr.ly, pais.ly, park.ly, paws.ly, pays.ly, peep.ly, perf.ly, phit.ly, pica.ly, pict.ly, pixe.ly, pixs.ly, poop.ly, pr0n.ly, prop.ly, prox.ly, puff.ly, quip.ly, quit.ly, rant.ly, revu.ly, ripp.ly, roam.ly, rude.ly, runn.ly, scst.ly, scud.ly, seem.ly, sees.ly, seez.ly, sgam.ly, sham.ly, shot.ly, sici.ly, side.ly, skip.ly, skoo.ly, souk.ly, spng.ly, teen.ly, thin.ly, thrm.ly, ting.ly, tita.ly, tpaw.ly, trac.ly, trav.ly, tril.ly, trim.ly, tron.ly, tuts.ly, twil.ly, twte.ly, type.ly, usbf.ly, vast.ly, vers.ly, wedd.ly, weed.ly, wemb.ly, whir.ly, will.ly, wist.ly, yard.ly, zimp.ly, zing.ly, zomb.ly, activ.ly, affix.ly, ahmad.ly, apped.ly, assmb.ly, badge.ly, beast.ly, biebr.ly, blowf.ly, board.ly, braid.ly, bride.ly, brizz.ly, celeb.ly, chimp.ly, chuck.ly, cleen.ly, coach.ly, crave.ly, critr.ly, cross.ly, crypt.ly, daisi.ly, deals.ly, death.ly, droid.ly, dropp.ly, drupa.ly, dtkel.ly, eqaar.ly, fbapp.ly, femme.ly, flirt.ly, forum.ly, found.ly, gamer.ly, getmo.ly, girls.ly, googo.ly, gorod.ly, guild.ly, habbo.ly, highr.ly, html5.ly, ideas.ly, ident.ly, ilife.ly, ilike.ly, ilove.ly, ishop.ly, kleen.ly, kloud.ly, laugh.ly, lease.ly, leffe.ly, maine.ly, mappi.ly, nadia.ly, niche.ly, parap.ly, paste.ly, pictr.ly, pitch.ly, promo.ly, quent.ly, rails.ly, raise.ly, realm.ly, recap.ly, reglr.ly, remix.ly, revea.ly, revue.ly, roast.ly, robot.ly, secur.ly, shade.ly, shand.ly, shift.ly, skive.ly, slide.ly, snack.ly, spoon.ly, squid.ly, swiff.ly, thing.ly, thumb.ly, tower.ly, tract.ly, treat.ly, twalk.ly, whoop.ly, wrong.ly, zamri.ly, amanda.ly, arcade.ly, archer.ly, around.ly, artevi.ly, bazaar.ly, biweek.ly, brahma.ly, budget.ly, butter.ly, church.ly, cogent.ly, dogged.ly, dollar.ly, emotiv.ly, escape.ly, father.ly, feisti.ly, frolic.ly, fruitf.ly, funpub.ly, gabber.ly, genius.ly, glocal.ly, gossip.ly, hobbit.ly, horrib.ly, ihappi.ly, inward.ly, itotal.ly, joelil.ly, karmic.ly, kiliba.ly, loving.ly, lympao.ly, lyrics.ly, lyster.ly, mdonnl.ly, mimosa.ly, mother.ly, mybrew.ly, myfami.ly, natura.ly, normal.ly, office.ly, onthef.ly, radius.ly, rand0m.ly, razorf.ly, rebate.ly, reliab.ly, savant.ly, scribe.ly, sensib.ly, shrink.ly, squeeq.ly, stitch.ly, suburb.ly, superb.ly, urbanf.ly, usabit.ly, useful.ly, waiter.ly, webapp.ly, widget.ly, woeful.ly, writer.ly, wwwbit.ly, account.ly, achieve.ly, adlocal.ly, adsolut.ly, alshoka.ly, awanair.ly, capital.ly, careers.ly, chhorvy.ly, clickad.ly, comment.ly, commute.ly, contest.ly, costume.ly, cothink.ly, cruises.ly, desirab.ly, espress.ly, evident.ly, exitpol.ly, f1libya.ly, finance.ly, flowing.ly, furious.ly, goalymo.ly, golocal.ly, harvest.ly, hopeful.ly, iplocal.ly, lecture.ly, magical.ly, markets.ly, melodic.ly, mengate.ly, midtown.ly, niggard.ly, notlike.ly, opinion.ly, ourfami.ly, outlate.ly, persona.ly, pointed.ly, recruit.ly, restful.ly, rewards.ly, scratch.ly, sensual.ly, spright.ly, summari.ly, syncons.ly, thedeal.ly, thought.ly, trigger.ly, witting.ly, abundant.ly, adaptive.ly, adib.com.ly, analyzer.ly, annotate.ly, appleapp.ly, appsolut.ly, automate.ly, baconbit.ly, blazezhl.ly, consolid.ly, contract.ly, curative.ly, disorder.ly, eventual.ly, gobitbop.ly, gracious.ly, grapejel.ly, hongkong.ly, hr4libya.ly, khucbiet.ly, livesimp.ly, loadslow.ly, location.ly, mostlike.ly, neighbor.ly, nicetrip.ly, pleasant.ly, precious.ly, question.ly, redirect.ly, reminder.ly, simplist.ly, transfer.ly, twitgift.ly, underbel.ly, wearefam.ly, writeful.ly, zhlblaze.ly, bloomberg.ly, blueprint.ly, comfortab.ly, element14.ly, findlocal.ly, freakgeek.ly, gentleman.ly, googe.com.ly, hr4-libya.ly, imcurrent.ly, interview.ly, laconical.ly, laurenkel.ly, lektronix.ly, luxurious.ly, lyricfind.ly, musicfree.ly, prescribe.ly, recursive.ly, runescape.ly, sarcasmic.ly, screenjel.ly, shopsmart.ly, strategic.ly, thinkfree.ly, vi-hotels.ly, wordpress.ly, babyfriend.ly, connective.ly, continuous.ly, courageous.ly, dadamobile.ly, democratic.ly, dmcatering.ly, element-14.ly, givesocial.ly, harmonical.ly, hotels.com.ly, interactiv.ly, irresistib.ly, marketnews.ly, myhomepage.ly, myproducts.ly, passionate.ly, prodigious.ly, sacrificef.ly, samplesale.ly, senador251.ly, shortlocal.ly, singlelove.ly, theatrical.ly, triumphant.ly, yeahactual.ly, appropriate.ly, burjtripoli.ly, drinksocial.ly, infographic.ly, investments.ly, searchlocal.ly, spoofydoofy.ly, treatedfair.ly, cefozane.com.ly, competelocal.ly, confidential.ly, frantastical.ly, gobitbop.com.ly, inkdifferent.ly, mobilefriend.ly, wouldyoukind.ly, greenbuilding.ly, musicmovement.ly, serendipitous.ly, soundsolution.ly, stella-artois.ly, terranovakids.ly, tripolistower.ly, tripolitowers.ly, uniteddomains.ly, htkconsultants.ly, speakingsocial.ly, tripolistowers.ly, galileocontrols.ly, noisestopsystems.ly, themusicmovement.ly, tripolitower.com.ly, soundsolution.com.ly, bellaunionpersonal.ly, ernestandyoung.com.ly, unitedfiretech.com.ly, noisestopsystems.com.ly, and campbellreithoverseas.ly

Of course, Libyan Spider is the company to call as they handle more than 90% of .LY applications.

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