Local.ly sets a new record for Libyan domain names with a six digit price tag

All by LS.LY

Tripoli, Libya – 11th of November 2011 - Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Domains has acquired domain name local.ly for USD 100,000.00 on behalf of Infor, the world’s third largest provider of enterprise applications and services with operations in 164 countries.

The previous owner of local.ly, Hadi Naser of Libyan Spider owns several hundred premium .ly domains. His company also runs a brokerage domains.ly listing hundred other catchy .ly domain names.

The legal and technical advisor on the seller’s side was London-based agency Brands-and-Jingles.

Previous public sale in .ly zone comprised of names such as a.ly, active.ly, and er.ly. Back in 2010 Libyan Spider sold dai.ly for USD 17,000.00 to French video service Daily Motion.

Two previous significant .ly transactions included song.ly, sold for USD 50,000.00, and friend.ly, which was acquired by Facebook a month ago. Both deals included working sites and popular services on top of their jingly domain names.
Libyan Spider is the unchallenged leader in .ly registrations with 80% share of the Libyan Internet market, currently above 10 thousand of active domain names. Anyone can register his or her own .ly name at their website. More .ly-related news can be read on the industry leading blog http://dot-ly.of-cour.se/. The list of other premium .ly names provided by Libyan Spider can be viewed at http://ls.ly/lydomains and http://domains.ly/

About Libyan Spider:

Libyan Spider helps organisations of all sizes to run their businesses online. Since 2002 it has been offering its clients state of the art domain registration, web development, design and hosting services. For more information please visit http://ls.ly/

Short link: http://name.ly/~Vkx5$C8

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  1. Found an interesting tweet today:

    Jotly was purchased for $27K, in case you were wondering

    Apparent.ly, they use jotly.co.


  2. Another interesting sale:

    Closing price: US $900
    BidoPrice: met
    Winner: hidden
    Start date: Dec 11 2011, 04:00 pm
    Close date: Dec 15 2011, 04:00 pm

  3. Mapply.com was recntly sold for $6K