IKEA – family friendly

We have seen pretty many “ly” jingles on this blog. But here goes a double one, fresh from London Edmonton “IKEA - family friendly”:

{click on the image to zoom in}

Oh, by the way, you can find everything about their friendlyness on IKEA's web-site.

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Short link: http://name.ly/~cD8B$6h

2 Responses

  1. And yes, both http://fami.ly/ and http://friend.ly/ are doing good.

  2. Just got mine new e-mail address 😉

    Success: forwarding for marko {at} fami {.} ly has been started.

    Allow up to 2 days for changes to fully take place. Thank you for choosing a fami.ly email address.

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    Do you provide a way to send or receive email?
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    Why is there a dot in the middle of the fami.ly domain name?
    fami.ly is a second-level domain name, just like kids.us.