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Double Coffee – brewed properly

Latvian based Double Coffee offers top quality cafeterias all over the Eastern Europe. Their jingle, “Double Coffee – brewed properly” is simple yet memorable: Little can be added to this brand, as the company is featuring itself on the Internet under all possible DoubleCoffee.tlds. And yet, one can wonder, why would no one utilise the […]

When in Amsterdam – take risks – seriously

Another advertisement campaign with a serious word over the banner: “seriously”. Unlike the previous one of British Elephant insurance, Dutch guys at Amsterdam Institute of Finance have better perception of the niche targeting.

Lonely a year ago, was put on an auction after my initial bid. That time, I though, was about a dating site, so I opted out. In fact, it turned out to be made few hundreds bucks by a guy, Carol McGregor, who bought it just one week prior to the auction, […]

New search tool for Libyan .ly domain hacks

As most jingling .ly names are sold out, you can only acquire one in the secondary market (either or via a broker, e.g., Sedo), Libyan Spider came up with the new search tool for .ly domain hacks. It will help you searching for short meaningful domain names that end up with “ly” by making […]


Not very popular, MyWeekly magazine for women, still can be found on top UK shelves in Tescos, etc: