Brizzly home page

Brizzly home page

Featured in July this year on TechCrunch, Brizzly is a simple way to experience the social web, a promised Twitter Reader from the same people who developed Google Reader. They say, it is coming soon from Thing Labs.

Twitter is a phenomenon indeed, which Europeans still do not fully understand. It gave birth do few dozens of start-ups. Probably few billion dollars were invested in all the satellites.

A propos, was just bought on 29th of September 2009 (just three weeks ago 😉 by  Ryan Holmes of Canadian InvokeMedia). The same Ryan reserved goes to of course. So, do you think they will use .com or .ly?

Now LOL and search Google for "brizz". The first hit leads to a definition on UrbanDictionary:

1) a blow job
2) to give a blow job
3) see Ryan Burke

Who would name a company like that?

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  1. Tried to let them know on – maybe they will change to Breezzly 😉

  2. enough, dropped in 2010 and someone registered it in 2012:

    eBrand is changing skin! Come back soon.
    Email | Twitter @ebrand

    Paul Guerin
    13 ile de bourdi
    Zip/Postal code: 44600
    Phone: 33646592124

    Created: 2012-01-03 21:45:31

    P.S. the same enterprise also registered

  3. Now Paul has dropped it again. Let’s see who will get it again.