.Ly web traffic report by HootSuite

HootSuite has compiled a handy diagram on .Ly traffic

We’ve mapped out the relationship between the Libyan domain name servers and the rest of the Internet in an infographic to help clear up any confusion about how data travels from servers to your screen.

HootSuite .LY infographic {click on the image to zoom in}


* The .Ly domain suffix is ultimately controlled by ICANN who can revoke access from the Libyan government and assume a caretaker role if needed

* Our root name servers are hosted in North America, and the only way your data would pass through a Libyan server is if you lived in Libya

* HootSuite pays a very small fee (less than $50/yr) for the registration which means there is no significant material contribution to the government

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Short link: http://name.ly/~9h38$Ae

3 Responses

  1. why did they decide to use awkward .li hacks anyway? just as a manoeuvre of convenience?

    while there are about 8000+ words ending with “ly” in english (and we daily use only 800 words!) – there is _NOT_ a single word jinly one ending with “li”



  2. here they go:

    acervuli, aioli, alkali, altocumuli, alveoli, annuli, apiculi, argali, aspergilli, bacilli, biali, broccoli, brocoli, calculi, calyculi, campanili, canaliculi, cannoli, caroli, celli, cembali, chili, chilli, cirrocumuli, convolvuli, cumuli, dactyli, deli, douroucouli, duelli, emboli, famuli, fasciculi, flocculi, fumuli, funiculi, fusilli, ghibli, gingeli, gingelli, gingili, gingilli, gladioli, glomeruli, hamuli, hili, homunculi, intagli, interstimuli, lactobacilli, lapilli, lazuli, leptocephali, li, limuli, loculi, malleoli, microvilli, modioli, moduli, morbilli, muesli, nautili, necropoli, neroli, nielli, nucelli, nucleoli, obeli, oboli, ocelli, oculi, omphali, oorali, ovoli, pachouli, pastorali, patchouli, phalli, piccalilli, pignoli, pili, podophylli, precalculi, prothalli, proventriculi, puli, pulvilli, ranunculi, ravioli, reguli, ritornelli, sacculi, saltarelli, scungilli, soli, stimuli, stratocumuli, streptobacilli, strobili, styli, syli, tabouli, tabuli, tali, teocalli, thalli, tripoli, trochili, tufoli, tumuli, utriculi, ventriculi, vermicelli, villi, violoncelli, vitelli, volvuli, woorali

    the only one interesting is tripoli, which is as the matter of fact, the capital of Libya, hence makes more sense as tripoli.ly

  3. As to security, one should read answers by Hadi Naser, why .LY will be always a stable extension.