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What Formspring.Me did for .ME, is still trying to do for .LY. Will it make it? The guys behind the project are confident they will. So far, like Formspring.Me they are doing well, even without, which apparently was squoted earlier this year.

Dailymotion is now

Libyan Spider, LLC has just sold short and jingling domain name to Dailymotion, a popular video sharing web portal. Dailymotion is not [yet] YouTube, but being in Alexa top 100 already for a while, it is poised to progress in the right direction. It is #13 in France and is in Alexa top […]

As noticed in London tube today, Natural Hydration Council has launched a new campaign promoting drinking water of Highland Springs, Harrogate Spa, Volvic, Evian, Buxton,  Speyside Glenlivet et al.

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