Dailymotion is now dai.ly


Dailymotion or dai.ly?

Libyan Spider, LLC has just sold short and jingling domain name dai.ly to Dailymotion, a popular video sharing web portal. Dailymotion is not [yet] YouTube, but being in Alexa top 100 already for a while, it is poised to progress in the right direction. It is current.ly #13 in France and is in Alexa top 50 in many European countries.
With this acquisition, Dailymotion is continuing a recent hype of bit.ly-like domain shorteners for Twitter etcetera: Facebook already owns fb.me, Google uses goo.gl, Amazon deploys Am.az, WordPress went for wp.me, Posterous has post.ly...

Short and jingling .ly names are very suitable indeed for URL minimisation. Our example section lists dozen of them, with bit.ly, of course, taking the lead, followed by al.ly, coo.ly, gol.ly, good.ly, goog.ly, ru.ly, to.ly, y.ly...

Now with dai.ly, Dailymotion can expect even more traffic to their web site. Good choice indeed.

The question is what will happen to other time.ly domains: week.ly, month.ly, quarter.ly and year.ly? My favourite so far is week.ly/top - putting three best magazines on one single page.

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Short link: http://name.ly/~M3AC$51

8 Responses

  1. Just checked biweek.ly is taken too. For those real.ly interested: semiquarter.ly and few more are still for grabs.

  2. Great choice of dai.ly. I only wonder why they let daily-motion.com be squatted?

  3. Any idea how much did Dailymotion pay for this domain?

  4. Wow! instead of typing dailymotion.com which is 15 letters, you type dai.ly which 6 on.ly, it is amazing how domain jingles helps people around.

  5. […] is already a third big .ly sale within a month, following dai.ly, which was acquired by French Dailymotion and quick.ly, which went to a Canadian […]

  6. dailycandy.com was late, so they use dly.me via sprinklr.com, e.g., http://dly.me/6034Evi

  7. sprinklr itself is using spr.ly, e.g., http://spr.ly/6036Eai

  8. Sites hosted on posterous (post.ly) sometime give you hard times: http://posterous.com/sso/verify/65808bb97d17960e96c68e644c99224a?jumpto=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.reflectionof.me%2F
    503 Service Unavailable
    No server is available to handle this request.