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Just like on Twitter, another .ly success story is rising up, this time on Facebook., with 3+ million users, and 400k fans, a successful Facebook application, is a hit. This domain name was registered just in February 2008 and came live few months later. So 3 million users in just one year - not bad at all.

What does it do? It provides you with statistics, like this one:

Out of XXXXXX's 439 Facebook friends:
Most common name: Sara (7 friends)
Most common zodiac sign: Cancer (43 friends)
Shortest name: XXXX XX
Female/Male: 57% / 43%
Single/Taken: 43% / 57%
Average age: 25 years old

So next time you log in, give it a try to know your friends better.

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Short link:$2e

2 Responses

  1. Check out there site now. They stopped forwarding traffic to Facebook and now run sort of “photo ranking” community.

    The design of the site is fine and the logo is so

  2. They were popular last year with some 3 million fans indeed.

    But since then – changed the tack and struggle with their previous glory.

    Currently advertising on Facebook with this Michelle Obama ad:

    Like Michelle Obama?

    At, it’seasy to find new friends who share your feelings for our favourite first lady.