Fugly.com logo

Fugly.com logo

Old good Fugly.com still enjoys quite few visitors. Their jingle "It's FUN! It's FREE! It's FUGLY! - funny videos, flash games, clean jokes, hilarious movies, funny pics, office jokes, free prizes, horrible horoscopes, hysterical chat pranks, chat scripts and much more!" is a bit too long, but self-explanatory indeed. The site is popular for various kind of flash games, sort of 90s stuff, like Escopeda shooter.

Even fug.ly is gone as of this year February. Shame the site is a bit secretive with its front page message "Malformed Request. Either you did something wrong or the magic pixies are at it again." - let's hope something big is coming in 2010.

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Short link: http://name.ly/~ErUK$3P

3 Responses

  1. Dump the fugly. Now we have http://tweekly.fm/ 😉

  2. There is also GooglyFoogly with a logo like this: http://www.googlyfoogly.com/images/logo.jpg

  3. Cheap holiday offers, icelolly.com has a strange domain name. Well, icelol.ly would not help much, and lol.ly is already taken by Libya On-Line Hosting.

    Hotels.Cheap.ly – is a different story though 😉