If you play cricket you know what googly means. Some of the older techie falks can even remember mesmerising googly eyes on earlier versions of Unix. web search

However, is nothing else as the old good Google search engine. And yet, it comes with neither annoying instant results nor other flashy things. Just type your search query and press enter. Make it simple and hit. The way most of us did it for last 10 years.

The simple philosophy behind is a belief that instant search and live keyword suggestion are actually forcing the user to bent the search away from the intended original queries into the realm of high-frequency terms, which are the most profitable for all the search engines - but have little to do with what the visitors want to find.

So next time you are searching for "Orange beer in London", just do it with

You can even make it more catchy with this link structure:


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Short link:$8q

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  1. Quite popular indeed. Was looking to get – apparently it is gone.