L.LY and LL.LY

So many jing.ly domain name are out of there. What are the most shortest and most popular though? Alexa lists 26 of them, five L.LY  and 21 LL.LY:

2.ly, 3.ly, b.ly, o.ly, p.ly, ac.ly, ad.ly, cl.ly, ht.ly, hy.ly, it.ly, jm.ly, lu.ly, lz.ly, md.ly, ok.ly, om.ly, ow.ly, qx.ly, sl.ly, to.ly, up.ly, ur.ly, vp.ly, wn.ly, and xa.ly

All of them can be opened with just one click here: http://brief.ly/3n0/ *

Surprise, surprise, not all of them, pretty half of them, are not URL shorteners, something .LY was known for ages. Some are pretty unique services. Take for instance ad.ly - Celebrity Endorsemet in Social Media, cl.ly (CloudApp) - sharing in the cloud, hy.ly - other simple social apps, lu.ly - Facebook and Twitter interconnect... again, all showcased @ http://brief.ly/~1E5

* - N.B. due to the current firewall restriction in Libya some of the sites hosted in the contry might not be visible for the rest of the world.

All references [1 - 2]

Short link: http://name.ly/~JUu4$A8

4 Responses

  1. A propos, 3.ly was recently sold to qr.net

  2. Did you know, writely.com is forwarding to docs.google.com?

  3. Also counted .ly: http://brief.ly/r1d7b1/

    six.ly, nine.ly and ten.ly are still available 😉

    Most of the rest are to buy.

  4. As to LLL.ly, this one is nice: kel.ly

    used by

    Kelly and Thome
    Precision Machine Work
    228 San Lorenzo Street
    Pomona, CA 91766
    Phone: (909) 623-2559
    Fax: (909) 623-8239

    Looks so much better than the other name they use: kandt.com