Libyan Spider is fully back online

After being down for amost three days, Libyan Spider is fully back online. SoftLayer has at last realised they did a mistake by shuting down services of an innocent Libyan company. Wishing all our Libyan friends all the issues been resolved soon in their country and beyond.

Below goes official statement from the compan's CEO.

LS we are back, "It was a horrible nightmare"

Dear LS Clients,

We have resolved the issue and almost all our servers are back. Big thanks to everyone who supports us.

24 dedicated servers are back except one server whic we lost. Softlayer said it is due to the failure of the primary drive. Over 400 websites were hosted on that server and we are working on restoring them from the backup.

Important message to those who use our DNS for .ly domains.

We have two DNS servers for DNS management (All the records) with Softlayer one of the DNS seems to be working and the other one seems to be in trouble so we are still looking into this. If you are facing problem please check your Name Server here and make sure that you have the 4 name servers listed as the following:

If you just find two name server listed there please open a ticket asking to add the 3 & 4 name servers to your domain, please add your domain names to the ticket.

For urgent issue call our online number: +1 224 225 4100 or open a ticket using your account with Libyan Spider.

Best regards,
Hadi Naser
Libyan Spider, LLC

Short link:$AV

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  1. And a quick update:

    Good News.

    The .ly registry whois server is also back online. New orders can now be created and registered by yourself. This includes managing and updating your whois and DNS.
    You should now be able to create and register the .ly domain yourself. You will no longer need to create a ticket to manage, update or register your .ly domain.

    It is strongly recommended that you renew your domain ahead of time. Clients who own 2&3 letters domain are espeacially reminded
    to renew thier domain now. Because if you fail to renew your 2 or 3 letter domain, no one will be able to register that domain again unless you
    have a contact address in Libya.

    You can generate an invoice ahead of time by following these steps:

    – Login to your account.
    – Go to My domains.
    – click on the image next to your domain name to veiw domain details. or click here to reach that page directly
    – You should be able to see the link to rnew your domain on that page. please let us know if you need further assistance.

    Fllow libyanspider on twitter for fast & quick updates regarding .ly domains

    We thank you again for your patience and support.

    Best regards

    Hadi Naser

  2. An update on .ly security, as approvved by the major media: