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From: Libyan Spider Network
Date: 2009/4/4
Subject: .LY Newsletter

Dear .ly clients,

In this edition of our newsletter we have put together some information and hints to help you invest in .ly domain name while you still can.

Read on for tips on which domains to register, memorable, catchy and short .ly domains and only at $75/domain it might be a steal! So go quickly register your .ly before someone else does.

The best .ly domain names are still available

We are listing the best .ly domains to help you choose from. This list has been selected according to the most commonly used from over 18,000 English words that end with ly, - the availability was checked last on March 31.

To make things easier for you, we have highlighted our recommended domains. But hurry, registration of domains is going quick and a list of the available domain names can be found by downloading the excel sheet file here. Enjoy 🙂

What is special about .ly domain name?

There are over 18000 English words that end with the letters ly, this means that you have over 18000 chances to register a short memorable domain name that has a meaning and you can read the whole domain name as one word.

8742 words ending in ly

In case you did not have the chance to see the list we have added at, there are 8742 words ending in ly you can choose from click here to view the entire list.

Check .ly domain FAQ

If you have any questions about .ly domains, please check the .ly domain FAQ. Can't find what you are looking for? Email your question to and we will take care of your concerns right away.

Premium .ly Domains

Premium Domain Names are short, memorable domain names, made up of simple key words and search terms that can drive traffic to your business, whether you have a .ly domain for sale or you are looking for a special domain name will help you achieve this.

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Let's talk domain [personal note from Libyan Spider Network] domain names from ccTLD Libya, nice domain to register, Libyan domain names are now available, we added a big list of words ending with ly to help you with choosing the right domain you always wanted. There are 8790 .ly domain ending with ly to choose from, you can imagine what you could do with these domains, if you're a fan of "domain hacks". and

If you're looking for a memorable domain name for your new Web 2.0 start-up at $75 might be a steal. So go register your .ly before someone else does.


Hadi Naser
Libyan Spider Network

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  2. At the moment, both and are directories for .ly but have a huge potential to become a global local directories throughout the whole world.

    Two of them could be search resources and even reach the scale of yahoo, bind or google. This is the potential. is a nice example. All depends on the sponsor and how fast you are willing to market it. I would not go below $15k-20k, or better $30k-$50k for both jingles. Depending on Google Page Rank ( at the level of 5), the price can go even up. I would not market domain separately, not to lose the synergy.