Naturally (ABB)

Although ABB brand is indisputable in the industry, yet its brand managers realise that it says little to random consumers. Thus, instead of a conventional tag line, the biggest message is embedded in one word: "Naturally".

Naturally by ABB {click on the image to zoom in}

Naturally by ABB {click to zoom in}

The complete ad goes as:

Connect renewable power to the grid?

Electricity generated by water, sun and wind is most abundant in remote areas like mountains, deserts or far out at sea. ABB's leading power and automation technologies help renewable power reach about 70 million people by integrating it into electrical grids, sometimes over vast distances. Our effort to harness renewable energy is making power networks smarter, and helping to protect the environment and fight climate change,


Power and productivity for a better world™ ABB

Next time, they rather put to make it even more appealing.

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  1. Last spring they also had a “Naturally” campaign in London for water trust:

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