Objective.ly et al

Few more jingles are released byLibyan Spider Network:

Hello All,

Tonight I have registered few more premium domains. I am planning to sell them cheap.ly maybe for 200 USD each:

The following are some other domain names I really like, which are still available. I might register them in the future, but please feel free if any of you would like to select any to grab them for the nominal prices:

  • ancient.ly
  • comparative.ly
  • continuous.ly
  • convincing.ly
  • extraordinari.ly
  • fruitf.ly
  • keen.ly
  • pa.ly
  • pleasant.ly
  • realistical.ly


Hadi Naser
Libyan Spider Network

Some name, like those of graphical.ly (think of art), civil.ly (think of law), critical.ly (think of critical news and updates), right.ly (maybe just a teaser), relative.ly (a philosophy site), formal.ly (formal methods in IT maybe), and objective.ly (think of news again) are sure.ly bargains, if you can acquire them cheap.ly for 200 dollars.

All references [1 - 13]

Short link: http://name.ly/~vteP$1l

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