299 million hits on Google cannot go wrong, can they? Let us talk Hollywood will probably give you the best answer, with ranked Grey's Anatomy series:

Nowadays, not only the Internet, everyday life's demands seriousness. Why? - Many people find this way of life so much simpler and easier.

The word serious is so in demand, that Seriously Media when for a domain hack to consolidate all their "seriously" projects: seriously soccer | seriously golf | seriously mac | seriously ruby | seriously wine | seriously media | seriously wall street | seriously photography | seriously politics | seriously tech | seriously identity | seriously books | seriously pr

Following them, a trendy, Richmond (VA) based, designer's boutique went for brand Serious&Ly.

Serious&Ly logo

Serious&Ly logo is all about serious stuff too.

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Serious Zone, may be less serious and more funny, still a good one.


Serious Zone . com

So how about Matthew Good's lyrics "Seriously Serious"?

Let's play chess not checkers
Win that free time back
I'm seriously serious
What can I do in this comic strip?
Vaccinate your sadness

Her thumb's on the one and she's dialed 91
Her thumb's on the one and she's dialed 91
Nobody trusts me around here
How come
Nobody trusts me around here
How come noone trusts me around here?


Have a good time [x 6]
Make sure you have a good time

The enemy arrives
Sit silent
Turn off the news
Sit silent [x 2]
I don't know what it is -- to survive
Freeze it in the fridge
Capture it alive
Freeze it in the fridge
Capture it alive

And a funny blog, Seriously OMG!

Yes, let us have more of Seriously Grey's Anatomy:

Bundled references

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  2. In another episode [ ] in addition to, they also mention 😉

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