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Weekly is not too often and is not too seldom either. It suits many people well, especially those who hate the daily routine. No wonder jingles are so popular. Among the know sites, the following are already developed:

VEVO, a joint venture of Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media with EMI licensing is using for its short links, like this one with Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull:

Intel Visibly Smart

Intel is presenting its the Second Generation Intel Core Processor Family under jingle “Visibly Smart”.

Libyan Spider is fully back online

After being down for amost three days, Libyan Spider is fully back online. SoftLayer has at last realised they did a mistake by shuting down services of an innocent Libyan company. Wishing all our Libyan friends all the issues been resolved soon in their country and beyond. Below goes official statement from the compan’s CEO.

Friendly Poster

Friendly Poster, a new photo service is pretty hot on Facebook these days. They could use of course, though that site is already taken by another Facebook hit.