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Some people indeed, misspell .ly as .li, so it is worth to mention such jingles too. missed so they decided to go with and And yet, works just fine too: is a microblogging platform that keeps your company connected in real-time. Increase yourteam’s productivity by posting updates, sharing files, exchanging ideas, and more.

* vs *.ly

Type-in traffic is very minimal these days. Owning good classical type-in domains one can tell – the percentage of typed-in visitors is constantly falling in recent years. Not having we estimate deprives our platform from some 20-40 direct visitors daily, then most of them find us in two seconds via Google anyway. The look […]

Globally yours

“Yours” jingles are quite popular, especially among Turkish marketeers. In the past we have already noticed Sincerely yours [1], Instantly yours [2], Globally talented, Digitally advanced, yours by Garanti bank [3]. Now Turkish Airlines came up with “Globally Yours” theme:


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