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8742 words ending with “ly”

As it was publish yesterday by Libyan Spider in their recent news-letter there are 8000+ words in English language ending with “ly”: 8742 words ending in ly 3 letter words ending in ly * cly –> * fly –> * ply –> * sly –> * vly –> 4 letter […]

Libyan Spider Network – .LY Domains Newsletter

From: Libyan Spider Network Date: 2009/4/4 Subject: .LY Newsletter Dear .ly clients, In this edition of our newsletter we have put together some information and hints to help you invest in .ly domain name while you still can. Read on for tips on which domains to register, memorable, catchy and short .ly domains and only […]

Focus on .LY

Underdeveloped by very international, pages indexed by Google on .LY domains are spread over major European languages. Of course, the lump chunk is in Arabic (30%) and world’s lingua franca , i.e., English (16%). The other content is spread between Persian and French (3% each) and then Russian, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Turkish, Indonesian, Polish, […] et al like the simple concept of services such as, even thought about launching another one – but there are already too many of them on the market and competition is getting tough:

A splash poster created by uprising Indonesian designer Griajeng Ruthjunitarani for The site is parked for the moment. Maybe the guys will realise how much value they are wasting, get some traction and buy the concept from Jenk.