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New search tool for Libyan .ly domain hacks

As most jingling .ly names are sold out, you can only acquire one in the secondary market (either or via a broker, e.g., Sedo), Libyan Spider came up with the new search tool for .ly domain hacks. It will help you searching for short meaningful domain names that end up with “ly” by making […]


Not very popular, MyWeekly magazine for women, still can be found on top UK shelves in Tescos, etc:

Instantly Yours

Photo Me, an international provider of mobile photo booths, went for “Instantly Yours” theme (read the original article on .ME of course). Let’s turn on a bit of creativity, and allow us to come up with: and So, which one do you like the most? The shorter it is – […] et al

Few more jingles are released byLibyan Spider Network: Hello All, Tonight I have registered few more premium domains. I am planning to sell them maybe for 200 USD each: The following are some other domain names I really like, which are still available. […]

Elephant – seriously good car insurance

One cannot miss a funny picture of the elephant all over London, on the local bus services, in the tube – is advertised everywhere. From the marketing point of view, one can only add that with a substantial advertising budget, anyone can turn a mediocre name into a brand. But is the elephant […]