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Have you heard of Swipely? Not that we adwise using it 😉 It works well on both and The video probably tells more than 1000 words:

Alexa top one million

Have you ever wondered how many “ly” domain names are their in Alexa top one million? At the moment 3379, slightly more than a third of a percent. Many of them are already deploying jingly and short .ly versions. Many are missing out. In the full list below we found 160 “weekly” phrases, and yet, […]

By now, we have seen many interesting and jingly .ly sites, many URL shorteners too ( of course, followed by,,,, … you name it). So far so good, but this blog never properly discussed the local market. And it is high time for it. Monir Elhussein opened in May this […]

A new service created by Edo Segal of Futurity Ventures, your text delievered to his phone instantly.

What Formspring.Me did for .ME, is still trying to do for .LY. Will it make it? The guys behind the project are confident they will. So far, like Formspring.Me they are doing well, even without, which apparently was squoted earlier this year.