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Constantly connected

The leading real-estate portal in the United Kingdom rolled out it new product under “RightMove Desktop – Constantly Connected” jingle.

Seriously enhance your career prospects

Durham Business School, that also goes under a jingle “makers of business leaders” promises to seriously enhance your career prospects.

Saїd – prepare to see things differently

Said Business School (University of Oxford), one of the leading British management schools, emphasises on seeing things “differently”:

Instantly by HSBC

In the modern world, don’t we just love it when things are done We all must agree – we hate to wait – this is the biggest change of a human being of the 21st century. It was okay to sit and wait for months for a letter to arrive and contemplate about news […]


Not very popular, MyWeekly magazine for women, still can be found on top UK shelves in Tescos, etc: