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Elephant – seriously good car insurance

One cannot miss a funny picture of the elephant all over London, on the local bus services, in the tube – is advertised everywhere. From the marketing point of view, one can only add that with a substantial advertising budget, anyone can turn a mediocre name into a brand. But is the elephant […]

As noticed in London tube today, Natural Hydration Council has launched a new campaign promoting drinking water of Highland Springs, Harrogate Spa, Volvic, Evian, Buxton,  Speyside Glenlivet et al.

Weekly magazines

Just noticed a long and awkward URL for The Week subscription service in the UK: Now, just imagine that they had to run a TV campaign. * How many people would remember it? – none. * How many people would bother to type it at all? – Very few. Now imagine it all […], a leading registrar in the country, opted in for a good name.