Some dose of adrenaline on the streets of Tripoli

As you are probably aware of, there is heavy fighting going on the streets of the Libyan capital Tripoli right now. As of today there is no telephone connection with the city.

By a silly joke, Ali Monder, an alleged fighter, has replaced only one file on the official web page of the web site:

with defaced

The rest of site functions normally, e.g., and all other pages work well, except for the home page of

Of course this raises some concerns among .LY users.

Let us assure .LY community that this is only a bad joke, caused by natural overdose of adrenaline in these exceptional circumstances, and by no means a real threat to the .LY zone for the following reasons.



Weekly is not too often and is not too seldom either. It suits many people well, especially those who hate the daily routine.

No wonder jingles are so popular. Among the know sites, the following are already developed:

(more…), which was acquired back in 2008 for $5,000 was resold on Sedo for $20,000 earlier this year.

This spring we saw another top .ly sale of, also at Sedo, for €10,100 ($14,241).

Toshiba – Perfectly Formed

YouTube Preview Image

Thin, light and stylish, they are packed with a host of enhanced features, 2nd generation high-speed Intel® Core™ processors and a range of stylish, high performance models, each delivering a superior mobile computing experience.

VEVO, a joint venture of Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group, and Abu Dhabi Media with EMI licensing is using for its short links, like this one with Jennifer Lopez featuring Pitbull: