Known LLLY.COM sales

It is not indicative, but for the record, below go known prices for four-letter .com names ending with "ly".


500 of dropped .ly

Bad news turn into good news. It is the fact of [domain] life - 70% of domains drop every year. Most of those 30% are bad ones, given the second thought would never be registered, ever. Yet below goes the list of some 500 interesting .ly names worth looking into.
(more…) and are now offering email addresses

As was announced on on the Christmas day,, and other started to offer email services with catchy addresses. Here goes their demo video:

YouTube Preview Image

(more…) intro videos

Guys and girls of have produced two catch intro videos:

YouTube Preview Image

(more…) sets a new record for Libyan domain names with a six digit price tag

All by LS.LY

Tripoli, Libya – 11th of November 2011 - Braden Pollock of Legal Brand Domains has acquired domain name for USD 100,000.00 on behalf of Infor, the world’s third largest provider of enterprise applications and services with operations in 164 countries.

The previous owner of, Hadi Naser of Libyan Spider owns several hundred premium .ly domains. His company also runs a brokerage listing hundred other catchy .ly domain names.

The legal and technical advisor on the seller’s side was London-based agency Brands-and-Jingles.