.LI vs .LY

.LY in numbers

As just posted by one of our readers, .li domain names (those of Lichtenstein) stand little chances in branding when comparing to .ly.

Larysa did put it nicely in one sentence:

While, in English, there are about 8,000+ words ending with “ly” (we daily use only 800 words) – there is hardly any brandable word ending with “li”.

There are 73 words ending with “ly” among 3,000 most-used English words, listed by descending popularity:

only, usually, family, really, early, probably, slowly, quickly, finally, carefully, suddenly, fly, nearly, easily, exactly, especially, actually, simply, hardly, certainly, Billy, supply, directly, completely, quietly, correctly, likely, clearly, closely, friendly, rapidly, generally, immediately, Italy, softly, particularly, mostly, lovely, gently, Sally, frequently, gradually, slightly, surely, daily, greatly, merely, safely, entirely, recently, highly, partly, lonely, July, fairly, eventually, naturally, perfectly, tightly, badly, mainly, firmly, widely, equally, fully, properly, occasionally, deeply, originally, happily, constantly, silly, and possibly


.Ly web traffic report by HootSuite

HootSuite has compiled a handy diagram on .Ly traffic

We’ve mapped out the relationship between the Libyan domain name servers and the rest of the Internet in an infographic to help clear up any confusion about how data travels from servers to your screen.

HootSuite .LY infographic {click on the image to zoom in}


Intel Visibly Smart

Intel is presenting its the Second Generation Intel Core Processor Family under jingle "Visibly Smart".

{Click on the image to zoom in}


Libyan Spider is fully back online

After being down for amost three days, Libyan Spider is fully back online. SoftLayer has at last realised they did a mistake by shuting down services of an innocent Libyan company. Wishing all our Libyan friends all the issues been resolved soon in their country and beyond.

Below goes official statement from the compan's CEO.

Friendly Poster

Friendly Poster, a new photo service is pretty hot on Facebook these days. They could use friend.ly of course, though that site is already taken by another Facebook hit.

Friendly Poster Facebook screenshot