Fashionably yours, Rent the Runway

.LY jingles are indeed very popular with "yours" buzz-word. We have already covered "Globally yours", "Sincerely yours", "Instantly yours", and "Beautifully yours".

A groupon-like service Rent the Runway decided to under "Fashionably yours".


Sainsbury’s – Instantly

One of the leading British superstore Sainsbury's ends its ads now with "Instantly":

LY prices

There were many bits and tips on .LY prices jotted on this blog, however we never had a post so far with some nice overview of most prominent .LY sales.

A bit of market background. There are about 18,000 words in English language ending with "ly". However only few hundred are really premium like or 8,000 "ly" words can be found here and those 73 among the top 3000 English words here. There about 10k .LY names registered, 80% of them are handled by Libyan Spider.

Historically .LY sales are usually took place either OTC (over-the-counter), via (owned by Libyan Spider) or at Sedo. Amid this market structure, not many of them got recorded, as most sale were public. Below go .ly sales recorded by DomainTools:

Domain  Date Price  Broker Jan 1, 2011 $9,500.00 Sedo Jan 1, 2011 $20,000.00 Sedo Sep 12, 2010 € 4,600.00 Jan 1, 2010 $22,050.00 Sedo Jan 1, 2010 $2,075.00 - Jan 1, 2010 $2,500.00 - Jun 29, 2009 $9,999.00 Jun 9, 2009 $160.00 Jun 9, 2009 $460.00 Jun 17, 2008 $7,114.00 Sedo Dec 24, 2006 $309.00 Sedo


HSBC – wisely

HSBC bank is using "wisely" twice in their new jingle line: "You bank wisely. Are you investing wisely, too?"

Wisely by HSBC


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