et al are now back online

Amid the political reasons, some popular informative bits of the .ly infrastructure were not available for few weeks outside the country.

From now on, (.LY registry) and (Libya Telecom & Technology) are back online and accessible anywhere in the world.

Libyan Spider is forced to find a new hosting provider


Today, in an unprecedented way, without any prior warning, the management of SoftLayer, an American hosting company, has suspended the account and the serves of Libyan Spider, the prominent Libya’s registrar.

Erroneously, SoftLayer has based its decision on the sanctions imposed by the U.S. government.

However, the sanctions are directed only at the current Libyan government and neither on any other Libyan citizen nor any legal entities related to the country.

Libyan Spider is a privately owned company that is not affiliated in any manner with the affected government. Libyan Spider is not on the list, never was, and there are no foreseeable anticipation it will ever be.



McLelland has multiple chees brands under its Seriously® portfolio:

Seriously® cheese brands


L.LY and LL.LY

So many domain name are out of there. What are the most shortest and most popular though? Alexa lists 26 of them, five L.LY  and 21 LL.LY:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and

All of them can be opened with just one click here: *


The number .ly domains reached 10,000

As published on the registry site:

The number of domains registered under .ly has reached over 10K domains.