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Business friendly BAHRAIN

Business in Gulf? Abu Dhabi? Dubai? … forget them. It is now Bahrain.

Number of registered .ly domain names names are on the rise, with over 7,000 domains been registered so far. Libyan Spider Network alone, one of the biggest registrars, has sold 4,500 .ly domains.

HTC: quietly brilliant

HTC, a Taiwanese company, the maker of the Google’s Nexus One, has launched another product called “YOU” under a new “quietly brilliant” jingle:

Seriously enhance your career prospects

Durham Business School, that also goes under a jingle “makers of business leaders” promises to seriously enhance your career prospects.

Naturally (ABB)

Although ABB brand is indisputable in the industry, yet its brand managers realise that it says little to random consumers. Thus, instead of a conventional tag line, the biggest message is embedded in one word: “Naturally”.