If you play cricket you know what googly means. Some of the older techie falks can even remember mesmerising googly eyes on earlier versions of Unix. web search

However, is nothing else as the old good Google search engine. And yet, it comes with neither annoying instant results nor other flashy things. Just type your search query and press enter. Make it simple and hit. The way most of us did it for last 10 years.


The case of

VB decent avatar

Violet Blue has lost its domain for the reason. Actually for few of them. Although they now cry about the domain name taken from them, they missed it couple of times.

First of all, Violet Blue is an adult site. It is clear to every .ly player that .ly registry does not allow any adult or pornographic material. As presented in the official letter from Mr. Alaa ElSharif:

While letters ‘vb’ are quite generic and bear no offensive meaning in themselves, it has being used as a domain name for an openly admitted ‘adult friendly URL shortener’. Now, had Violet Blue domain merely been a URL shortener for general uses similar to (as Violet Blue claimed) there would have been no problem with it. It is when Violet Blue promoted their site being solely for adult uses, or even stated that Violet Blue was ‘adult friendly’ to promote it that we as a Libyan Registry have an issue.

(more…) reads your text messages and emails to you while you drive, so you can concentrate on the road. can also respond, so you aren't tempted to reach for that phone.



Have you heard of Swipely? Not that we adwise using it 😉

It works well on both and

The video probably tells more than 1000 words:


Alexa top one million

Have you ever wondered how many "ly" domain names are their in Alexa top one million? At the moment 3379, slightly more than a third of a percent. Many of them are already deploying jingly and short .ly versions.

Many are missing out. In the full list below we found 160 "weekly" phrases, and yet, none of them can be found on