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Election Poster: Think Wisely, decide-and-vote


As featured on Adobe's blog, meet screen-shot

The team describes what they are building as a:

"... a cutting-edge community and digital content delivery platform for comic books, graphic novels and other forms of publishing."

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One of the best and jingling .ly sites, a music search engine, semi-tuned for Twitter, was just sold for $50,000 via Flippa.

The site had also developed an API and a Firefox add-on. Despite low ranking at Alexa, considering all the perks, it is questionable whether the actual transfer will happen after this auction.


18,573 words ending with “ly”

Last year there was a post about top 8,000 "ly" words.

To make the list complete, below we publish the complete list of some 18,000 words ending with "ly" according to Xona service. The shortest words are just three-letters long (fly, ply, etc) and the longest two are electroencephalographically and microspectrophotometrically, 27 letters long, whatever they mean.


With 50 million "surely" hits on Google - this must be a jingle (e.g., compare it with "bitly", which scores only a quarter of a million).

YouTube alone provides tonnes of "surely" videos. A movie called "Surely You'll Insure" was shot back in 1915! In 2010 Japanese Kadokawa Pictures came out with another hit "Surely Someday":