I will think danger.ous.ly

New campaign of Rotterdam School of Management "I WILL" is bringing many alumni together with their one page story. Below goes a good one by Lorenzo de Rita "I WILL INSPIRE "with "DANGEROUSLY" message:

danger.ous.ly (more…)

Saїd – prepare to see things differently

Said Business School (University of Oxford), one of the leading British management schools, emphasises on seeing things "differently":

Said - differently



Fugly.com logo

Fugly.com logo

Old good Fugly.com still enjoys quite few visitors. Their jingle "It's FUN! It's FREE! It's FUGLY! - funny videos, flash games, clean jokes, hilarious movies, funny pics, office jokes, free prizes, horrible horoscopes, hysterical chat pranks, chat scripts and much more!" is a bit too long, but self-explanatory indeed. The site is popular for various kind of flash games, sort of 90s stuff, like Escopeda shooter.

Even fug.ly is gone as of this year February. Shame the site is a bit secretive with its front page message "Malformed Request. Either you did something wrong or the magic pixies are at it again." - let's hope something big is coming in 2010.

WISE – World Innovation Summit for Education

In Qatar they must know something about .LY one would think. And yet, for an event stuffed with big UN names etcetera they only went for a decent web-site, wise-qatar.org. Well, at least their technical stuff managed to secure wise-qatar.com, while wiseqatar.* went to squatters.


WISE screenshot

Next time, it is time to think wise.ly indeed.

Instantly by HSBC

In the modern world, don't we just love it when things are done instant.ly? We all must agree - we hate to wait - this is the biggest change of a human being of the 21st century. It was okay to sit and wait for months for a letter to arrive and contemplate about news it would bring not that long time ago actual.ly - back 100 year from now. Never mind the philosophy.

Banks' clients certain.ly do know something about it. Below goes an ad from HSBC, a British bank (or was it The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited):


Mind, 9.9% APR is a bit overdone. For personal loans between £7,000 - £25,000 for any home improvement or car purchase you would be paying around 7% - no reason to pay more, unless you really cannot wait and want it instant.ly.