Brizzly home page

Brizzly home page

Featured in July this year on TechCrunch, Brizzly is a simple way to experience the social web, a promised Twitter Reader from the same people who developed Google Reader. They say, it is coming soon from Thing Labs.

Twitter is a phenomenon indeed, which Europeans still do not fully understand. It gave birth do few dozens of start-ups. Probably few billion dollars were invested in all the satellites.

A propos, was just bought on 29th of September 2009 (just three weeks ago 😉 by  Ryan Holmes of Canadian InvokeMedia). The same Ryan reserved goes to of course. So, do you think they will use .com or .ly?

Now LOL and search Google for "brizz". The first hit leads to a definition on UrbanDictionary:

1) a blow job
2) to give a blow job
3) see Ryan Burke

Who would name a company like that?

Banking Wisely

Garanti Bank seems to always have good ads in The Economist paper. Now they came up with "Bankingwise..." jingle:

{click on the image to zoom in}

"Bankingwise..." ad in The Economist {click on the image to zoom in}

Considering that is taken since 2002, a wise choice would be to use, and focus on maybe?

Libyan Spider Network discounts


Libyan Spider Network has come up with a discount scheme, allowing long-term buyers to pay as littler as $50.oo USD per annum. Renewal fees are as follows:

  • 1 Year @ US$75.00
  • 2 Years @ US$145.00
  • 3 Years @ US$210.00
  • 4 Years @ US$270.00
  • 5 Years @ US$325.00
  • 6 Years @ US$375.00
  • 7 Years @ US$420.00
  • 8 Years @ US$460.00
  • 9 Years @ US$495.00
  • 10 Years @ US$500.00

Most popular weeklys

World's most popular weekly papers ( The Economist, BusinessWeek, and US News) are now all consolidated and loaded under a web address screenshot screenshot

Feel free to suggest a paper you are missing. logo logo

Just like on Twitter, another .ly success story is rising up, this time on Facebook., with 3+ million users, and 400k fans, a successful Facebook application, is a hit. This domain name was registered just in February 2008 and came live few months later. So 3 million users in just one year - not bad at all.

What does it do? It provides you with statistics, like this one:

Out of XXXXXX's 439 Facebook friends:
Most common name: Sara (7 friends)
Most common zodiac sign: Cancer (43 friends)
Shortest name: XXXX XX
Female/Male: 57% / 43%
Single/Taken: 43% / 57%
Average age: 25 years old

So next time you log in, give it a try to know your friends better.